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IR LEDs for Car Night Vision Assistance

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The high-power infrared Synios SFH 4770S A01 LED
IR LEDs for Car Night Vision Assistance.jpgIR LEDs for Car Night Vision Assistance 2.jpg
Initially launched for the consumer market, the SFH 4770S is now qualified for use in vehicles in applications such as night vision assistants and forward collision detection systems such as pedestrian protection solutions that work with camera images. Flooding the scene in front of the vehicle with infrared light enables the vehicle environment to be reliably detected even in the dark or in poor weather conditions.

The Synios SFH 4770S A01 will replace the established Dragon family in these applications, delivering an optical output of almost 1,200 milliwatts from a current of 1A. The LED chip is built with nanostack technology featuring two light-emitting p-n junctions, with a typical forward voltage of 3.2V. The Synios comes in a 2.75x2.0x0.6mm package.

Source: electronics-eetimes

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