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Lighting control - Court of Final Appeal

Lighting control - Court of Final Appeal.jpg

What was described as one of the significant colonial-era buildings in Hong Kong, the 103-year-old Court of Final Appeal now features a modern and brilliant historical block in Central. The exterior of the neo-classical style architecture was declared as a monument since 1984 and it was also used to house the former Supreme Court and Legislative Council. After the completion of renovation, the landmark block starts to operate in September 2015 and it is home to the final appellate court as well as a crucial part in Hong Kong’s common law development. Traxon develops a dynamic lighting solution that celebrates a century of historical architectural elements of the building. 261 Traxon Wall Washer Shield AC XB in warm white with 30 degree of optics are mounted in the windows and roof top which is a perfect solution to highlight the architecture of the façades. Schneider BMS system is used as a main lighting control that generates DMX signals to control the color temperatures with different time periods on each day. The stunning and glamorous façade turns the prestigious block of Court of Final Appeal into a modern and vibrant architecture that dazzles the passerby and visitors. Lighting control - Court of Final Appeal.

Lighting control - Court of Final Appeal_1.jpgLighting control - Court of Final Appeal_3.jpgLighting control - Court of Final Appeal_2.jpg

Original: traxontechnologies

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Dynamic Elation Lighting Enhancement for Rouyn-Noranda City Hall in Québec
The city of Rouyn-Noranda in western Québec, Canada, is understandably proud of its beautifully-designed city hall building. Serving as the administrative building for the region’s municipal government while also serving as an important cultural gathering place, its distinctive architectural design also makes it an important city landmark.


In order to highlight the building’s modern architecture after dark, as well as Citizenship and Cooperation Square, which borders the building, Rouyn-Noranda’s city government sought a dynamic exterior lighting scheme. Both the city hall and the square are located in the heart of the city, Citizenship and Cooperation Square being a favorite location for various citizen gatherings. “Not only did they want to make citizens proud of their city by highlighting the building architecture with a dynamic lighting solution, they also wanted to promote the city center’s culture and make this a place of meeting for all citizens,” explains Ariane Cambron of XYZ Cultural Technology (xyz-tc.com/en), the AV integration company contracted by the city to draft and design an architectural lighting solution for the city hall and square.

The brief called for two lighting systems, one to light the outside of the city hall building and the second to light Citizenship and Cooperation Square. Both systems needed to be discreet and well adapted to the surroundings. “There was to be no light penetration inside the building and minimal light pollution,” Cambron says, “so we avoided uplighting. Since everything was exterior, the spots and the system had to be small but powerful.”

The lighting upgrade was completed in January of 2016 and consists of IP-rated Elation Professional LED lighting:  29 ELAR Q1™ color-changing Par lights, 5 ELAR EXTQW FLOOD HP™ color-changing wash lights and a SixPar 300 IP™ color-changing Par fixture.


“The small footprint of LED was important as was RGBW on all fixtures,” Cambron said. “Also, as the throw distances are pretty substantial they had to have great output.” The Elation fixtures are located at multiple locations on the exterior façade of the building with the ELAR Q1s downlighting a series of columns and ELAR Floods and ELAR Q1s washing several areas of the building’s façade.

Because Rouyn-Noranda experiences all the harsh weather that comes with a Canadian winter, another important feature of the fixtures was an IP65 rating at minimum. “The fixtures had to be exceptionally robust to be able to withstand the frigid Abitibian winter climate,” Cambron says, “which often reaches 20 degrees below zero Celsius.” Rouyn-Noranda is the capital of the Abitibi-Temiscamingue administrative region in Québec.

XYZ Cultural Technology served as the principal contractor and technical director on the project, handling design, equipment supply, integration and programming. Lighting design was by XYZ Cultural Technology’s Garou Blancan with XYZ’s François Cyr helping with the installation’s infrastructure. The lighting system is controlled via wireless DMX, which not only made for a cleaner installation with less cabling but also lets the city easily change the color scheme to highlight important events. Both the lighting on the building and in the square run off the same system, allowing for synchronized lighting schemes.

The versatile architectural lighting solution has allowed Rouyn-Noranda city hall to emerge at night in a dress of customizable color and has given the city the flexibility to bathe the building in any color they choose. Summing up, Cambron says, “This project is proof that it is possible to achieve maximum impact with well-integrated lighting on a reasonable budget.”

Original: lednews.lighting

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      Towns and cities are increasingly making a mark for themselves with the targeted use of feature lighting. In addition to classical street and area lighting, ways of using illumination to specifically showcase certain places is being increasingly adopted. A creatively-lit park, a sharply illuminated monument, effective facade projection – purposeful and careful use of such elements contributes not only to creating a distinctive ambience, but also an atmosphere that makes people feel comfortable and excited. The new FLC230 LED profile projectors from WE-EF are the perfect instruments for realising such powerful lighting effects in public spaces.

      The FLC230 LED profile projector is also available as a colour changer, offering infinitely variable RGBW colour mixing, as it can render almost every shade of the colour spectrum. The profile projector comprises a spherical/triple flat convex lens system for producing a parallel light beam. The FLC230 LED profile projector and the colour-changer variant are available either as a zoom-spot projector [ZP] for producing sharply defined circles of light, a frame projector [FP] for illuminating polygon surfaces or as a gobo projector [GP] for projecting gobos onto a surface. The FLC230-CC LED profile projectors also come with a DMX interface as standard.
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      In plan, the building respects the square geometry of the site yet breaks out in volume through its differing heights and its diagonals. The theatre envelope adheres to the internal volumes, like a sculpted block, to give the building its identity and unity whilst revealing its constituent parts. The main forms that emerge are recognised by the space they accommodate: the large auditorium with its fly tower (29m high) alongside the simple shape of the open stage, small auditorium.
      Source: mondoarc
    • By iLight Technologies, Inc.
      From Dismal To Dazzling
      Plexineon Redefines an Existing Structure
      Once a humble workshed, the new administrative center for the Claremont University Consortium (CUC) in Claremont, California, is a stunning study in how creative light installations can give an existing structure a second life.
      Central to the building’s rebirth is a vertical linear pattern of iLight Plexineon White 1X Series fixtures that highlight the exterior — redefining the structure’s public presence and acting as a precursor to new dynamic and user-friendly interior.
      The Design Challenge
      The goal of the project was to consolidate into one location several departments and services that previously were dispersed across campus. Opting to repurpose a gabled-roof workshop and storage shed went a long way toward achieving sustainability goals, but the CUC sought to go a step further — requiring that elements in the adaptive design also be environmentally sensitive, including lighting.
      Toward that end, Nelson Jenkins, Owner of Lumen Architecture, used varying lengths of White Plexineon to efficiently and effectively accentuate the vertical lines of a new slatted cedar screen that envelopes the existing facade.
      LTL Architects, project architect, designed the screen to make the building appear less utilitarian and more inviting.
      That intent is especially apparent as the screen transitions from wall to entry canopy, where the slats are threaded with Plexineon in increased density to playfully highlight the structure’s sloped geometry while providing general illumination and way finding.
      “The client really loves the effect of  the Plexineon. The project has been  considered a great success.” – Nelson Jenkins, Owner, Lumen Architecture PLLC
      The Plexineon Advantage
      Jenkins chose Plexineon in this case for several reasons. “The fixtures are weather resistant, durable, and they provide just the right brightness,” he says.
      Due to past experience with the product, Plexineon’s reliability won over both him and  now CUC.
      “The client really loves the effect of the Plexineon,” he says. “The project has been considered a great success.”

      Vertical strips of Plexineon highlight the entrance to the new Claremont University Consortium (CUC) administrative center. A random pattern of Plexineon adds excitement to what had been a bland structure.
      More information is available at www.ilight-tech.com
    • By iLight Technologies, Inc.
      The sign at the entrance to the new TopGolf in Houston glows with iLight Plexineon Blue Series fixtures

      iLight custom bent the Plexineon to ensure a true representation of the TopGolf logo
      Creating an Entrance That Fits to a Tee
      Plexineon Adds Excitement to a Sleek and Unique Sporting Venue
      Just off a major interstate running through Houston, TopGolf is a structure that’s impossible to miss.
      The 65,000-square foot venue is not only sprawling, its sleek profile suggests something extraordinary.
      Inside, a three-level golf driving range plus dining, live music, a rooftop bar and more deliver on that promise. Meanwhile outside, the entrance makes guests feel like VIPs, thanks to a sign that glows with iLight Plexineon Blue Series fixtures.
      The Design Challenge
      The first TopGolf to open in Houston, the new entertainment complex is the Dallas-based company’s largest in the country.
      Designed by Aria Group Architects, Inc., the modern design is unexpected, reflecting the unique concept behind TopGolf. Part sports venue, part sophisticated hangout spot, it appeals to avid and casual golfers alike. The centerpiece is the driving range, featuring private hitting bays from which players hit targets and accrue points for distance and accuracy. Points are calculated by microchips embedded into regulation golf balls.
      “It was stunning when we first saw it — really amazing. The Plexineon added that extra element we needed.” – Nicole Poole, Project Architectural Designer, Aria Group Architects, Inc.
      To catch the attention of passers-by on the interstate, plans called for creating a bright sign that would serve as a shield on the building. The design team wanted an energy-efficient solution and — since it would be displayed within arm’s reach of arriving patrons — one that wouldn’t pose a safety hazard.
      Plexineon not only met those requirements, it could also be custom bent to create endless possibilities.
      “When we realized it could be shaped any way we wanted, we decided to do an overscale TopGolf logo and use blue — their primary branding color,” says Nicole Poole, Project Architectural Designer at Aria Group.
      The Plexineon Advantage
      The key was for iLight to create precise factory bends that would ensure a true representation of the TopGolf logo.
      Lisa Maceda, Designer at Aria Group, says, “It could not have worked out better. iLight custom bent the Plexineon perfectly. It was easy to install from start to finish.”
      The result is a striking, yet sophisticated, sign. “It definitely is an eye-catcher,” Maceda says. “We’d seen samples, but it was still surprising how really bright the Plexineon was. It has a great glow to it — very even, not overpowering.”
      Poole agrees. “It was stunning when we first saw it — really amazing. The Plexineon added that extra element we needed.”
      Noting that the new site’s VIP opening was TopGolf’s most successful yet, she says Plexineon was the perfect compliment to the red carpet experience: “It just added to the excitement.”

      Within view of a nearby interstate, the sign is bright enough to attract attention
      More information is available at www.ilight-tech.com