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KOVR – Wall and Ceiling Integrated Lighting
‘HYDE’ by KOVR: A Smooth Combination of Decor Elements and Lighting 
Designed by Danny Venlet for KOVR, ‘HYDE’ high-quality panels are a reworked concept of conventional luminaries into an “all-in-one solution”: a seamlessly integrated LED lighting system into printed architectural surfaces. The HYDE range comes in distinctive natural decors. The remote control and mobile application complete the unique user experience. The system adapts harmoniously to any mood with its easily controllable light intensity.
LED lighting system KOVR Invisible Light 01.gifLED lighting system KOVR Invisible Light 02.gif

Hyde – Fully Customizable

HYDE is not just another off-the-shelf product: the system can be perfectly tailored to any part of it’s features. The customer defines the panel size, the KOVR team digitally prints any desired decor onto the surface and programs a specific lighting scheme into it.

Easy Mounting and Wireless Control

Designed and assembled in Belgium, the system comes with high luminary efficiency, a long lifespan and color fastness over time. The complete lighting system is mounted inside the panels, that have a thickness of only 12mm.

The assembly or dismounting can easily be done by (dis)connecting the panels from the tongue and groove system. Finally, it is linked to a personalized mobile application. The application makes control possible from any device with browser or via the mobile app.


LED lighting system KOVR - Invisible Light 01.jpgLED lighting system KOVR - Invisible Light 02.jpgLED lighting system KOVR - Invisible Light 03.jpgLED lighting system KOVR - Invisible Light 04.jpgLED lighting system KOVR - Invisible Light 05.jpgLED lighting system KOVR - Invisible Light 06.jpgLED lighting system KOVR - Invisible Light 07.jpgLED lighting system KOVR - Invisible Light 08.jpgLED lighting system KOVR - Invisible Light 09.jpgLED lighting system KOVR - Invisible Light 10.jpgled lighting system, led panels 01.jpgled lighting system, led panels 02.jpg

Source: kovrdesignregio-kortrijklighting-inspiration

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Focus Wall Slot FWSL | Focal Point Lights
Focal Point’s Focus Wall Slot is a low-profile perimeter luminaire that fully conceals the indirect optics, creating the appearance of a floating ceiling while illuminating walls.
Infinite lengths combined with the ability to create patterns with 90° inside or outside corners provide flexibility in design, bringing depth and visual interest to unnoticed areas of commercial spaces. Designed for easy installation and maintenance, and to accommodate restricted plenum ceilings, the roughly 6-in.-tall rough-in steel housing contains a separate LED light module that can be snapped in at any stage of the construction process. The housing assembly is engineered with built-in adjustability, accommodating variations in finished dimensions of the spaces.

illuminated walls ×  led feature wall × illuminating walls ×  illuminating the wall × illuminated glass walls × led illuminated walls × led feature wall lights × led water feature wallled feature walls × led light wall fixtures × led exterior wall light × exterior wall light fixtures × led wall profile ×  led profile × led strip wall profile

Various lumen outputs and color temperature options provide customization for various applications.

Click here to learn more.

More info: focalpointlights

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LUMES Lighted Wall Panels
Meet the new interactive light emitting wall panel, bringing light, color and stories to any space. LUMES integrates into interior walls and comes in many surfaces that glow, from wood to wool. Each LUMES panel forms an animated interactive canvas that blends into surrounding interiors.

Melbourne-based ENESS is designing walls that come to life through their light-emitting wood called LUMES. They just completed their inaugural installation at Cabrini Hospital Malvern in Melbourne, Australia with the help of architects DesignInc that lets patients, especially children, get involved in the interactive stories. Get a peek of it in action:

ENESS is combining art and technology and then throwing in some fun for their LUMES light-emitting wall systems, which are triggered by visitors who set off colorful, animated animals and landscapes. They’re starting with wood veneer but hope to expand the material choices to give architects and designers more options for a range of immersive environments.

Lighted Wall PanelsLighted Wall PanelsLighted Wall PanelsLighted Wall Panelsilluminated walls   led feature wall   illuminating wallsilluminating the wall   illuminated glass walls   led illuminated walls58b3d9293ea46_LUMESLightedWallPanels07.jpg.1c00f670b6ebf1973f833c77653b54e7.jpgled feature wall lights   led water feature wall   led feature walls   led light wall fixturesLUMES Lighted Wall PanelsLUMES Lighted Wall PanelsLUMES Lighted Wall Panels

More info: eness lumes

Source: design-milk

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    • By Robert Lights ✌
      Versatile modular lines of captivating linear light
      This ground-breaking modular lighting system is designed for creating unimaginable light architectures to make the environment marginal yet indispensable. The brand new ultra-lightweight linear profiles are versatile enough to meet any design needs guaranteeing extraordinary visual light comfort for every application beyond ordinary imagination.

      With an innovative, sleek, clear body design, profile linear lighting spread soft indirect light emissions over walls or ceiling or floor from flat surfaces creating paths of light with perfect uniformity and unlimited lengths.
      LED aluminum profiles are available in variety of depth and length according to clients need to blend into every lighting project and can be fitted in either single module formats or joint-free long continuous rows of uninterrupted lines of light.
      The Flexible version of LED aluminum extrusion that are re-shapeable ideally suit curved lighting applications making the lighting design overwhelmingly captivating. They also come in varied colors of LED with regulated intensity of lights and dimming capabilities.
      Minimalism, modularity and ease of installation characterize the LED profiles that are extremely easy to install, transforming any space with class and refinement. Being a perfect fusion of performance, flexibility and sparkling nominal design, all in a single product the LED Profiles ensure optimal performance, endurance and low energy demand.
      The soft glare-free bi-directional light protruding from the light-weight linear profiles achieve amazing aesthetical incredible efficacy, which allow designers the freedom to use this application even in the most demanding and hard to reach areas.
      The product can be mounted individually, or in long continuous lines as a suspended pendant luminaire, or directly to the surface of a wall or ceiling, and as recessed mounted using the frames, even on staircases, handrails or furniture such as shelves ends, showcases, wardrobes, jewelry racks etc.
      They are perfectly suited for residences, commercial offices, Retail outlets & showrooms, auditoriums, supermarkets, educational institutes, service & hospitality sectors, much more... 
      More information here: lumibright
      Public art commission for 350 Mission Building in City of San Francisco, California
      S|N|A manufactured and installed a high-resolution LED video wall at 350 Mission Street in San Francisco. The state-of-the-art 6 mm LED display was unveiled to the public during a digital art show organized by owner Kilroy Realty Corporation. 

      The LED video wall was installed as part of a new office tower developed by Kilroy Realty. The 30-story high-rise is located on the north corner of Fremont and Mission streets in San Francisco’s newest business district. The building is adjacent to the site of the Transbay Transit Center.

      Public Unveiling: Digital Art Show
      Kilroy Realty and the City of San Francisco commissioned acclaimed media artist Refik Anadol to create an immersive public art installation on the LED canvas for the unveiling event. Anadol's work was titled "Virtual Depictions: San Francisco." The show included a series of parametric data sculptures telling the story of the city and the people around San Francisco within a unique artistic approach, according to Anadol's site.

      "I'm very, very satisfied," said Anadol about the unveiling event. "Having a dynamic artwork and real-time data sculpture concept was a stress on the creation side, but in the end it fit perfectly for the City of San Francisco. This is the first time I have used such a high-end system."
      Almost 7 Million Pixels
      The high-resolution LED screen is part of S|N|A’s indoor S|Video™ line of high-end video products. It features a 6 mm pixel pitch, meaning the center of each pixel is only .24” inches from the center of an adjacent pixel. At 38’7” high by 68’6” wide, the installation consists of 2,643 square feet of digital canvas.

      The interior LED display wraps around a 90-degree lobby wall corner. S|N|A designed and manufactured a custom corner module for the project, providing in a tight seam at the turn. The display includes 1,960 pixels high by 3,480 pixels wide including the side wall. The resolution of the lobby wall display consists of 6,820,800 pixels.
      Open-Ended Software System
      A huge benefit of the S|N|A display system at 350 Mission, where various artists and content managers will provide digital content, is its flexibility  and compatibility with a wide range of software products.

      “For the project, I needed to create a custom software and hardware setup in order to achieve some complex real-time graphics,” said Anadol, a lecturer at UCLA’s Department of Design Media Arts. “And the system was designed completely open-ended for possible creative inputs. It was extremely easy and user-friendly.”

      The LED display system is capable of displaying 4K content natively, but the screen can also be segmented for a variety of looks and purposes. It can play a combination of animations, video, imagery and live data simultaneously. The system includes an audio component as well. S|N|A designed and installed speakers throughout the lobby floor that work in concert with the video content. S|N|A partners Analog Way and Visual Image Display were instrumental throughout the project, including system visualization, engineering, and hands-on support during installation.

      ‘Virtual Depictions:San Francisco’ is a public art project by media artist Refik Anadol consist of series of parametric data sculptures that tell the story of the city and people around us within a unique artistic approach for 350 Mission’s media wall in collaboration with Kilroy Realty Corporation / John Kilroy and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP Architects.
      The main idea of ‘Virtual Depictions:San Francisco’ is to bring 21st century approach to public art to define new poetics of space through media arts and architecture and to create a unique parametric data sculptures that has an intelligence, memory and culture. Through architectural transformations of media wall located in 350 Mission’ lobby, home of Salesforce, main motivation with this seminal media architecture approach is to frame this experience with a meticulously abstract and cinematic site-specific data-driven narration. As a result, this media wall turns into a spectacular public event making direct and phantasmagorical connections to its surroundings through simultaneous juxtapositions. The project also intends to contribute to contemporary discourse of public art by proposing a hybrid blend of media arts and architecture in 21st century.
      Original: snadisplays
    • By LEDs ★☆★
      Zuccotti Park, once used as a staging area for the recovery efforts after the September 11 attacks, and the campground for Occupy Wall Street protesters, is decorated with beautiful white lights during the holidays. The park is also illuminated with  lights built into the ground. It is located between Broadway, Trinity Place, Liberty Street and Cedar Street, just across from 4 World Trade Center.
    • By THOMAS
      RGBW Smart LED Panels Aurora Siri Voice Control
      With so much visual stimuli passing by our eyes every day thanks to social media, many people are finding that committing to static pieces of artwork is more difficult than ever. If you're looking for something to spruce up your walls, but feel that a single painting or photo isn't enough to capture your ever-changing moods, the new Nanoleaf Aurora offers an interesting solution. Described as "living paint" by the Toronto-based lighting design company, this modular system of energy-efficient LED panels is fully customizable, and can be controlled by remote, smartphone app, or even your voice.

      Composed of nine lightweight, triangular LED lights that can be fit together in different configurations, the Nanoleaf Aurora can light up your wall (or any other flat surface in your home) using a palette of over 16 million colors. It can go from a soothing white light in the morning to a blaze of energizing purples, blues and greens during the day to a relaxing warm light in the evening–or pretty much any other type mood lighting you can imagine.

      The Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter lighting kit was made for DIY installation and includes 9 RGBW Smart LED Panels, 9 Panel Connectors, 9 Mounting Stencils, 28 Mounting Strips, 1 Power Supply Unit, and 1 Controller Unit. Because the panels weigh so little, there’s no need to drill any holes in your walls, making the Aurora ideal for renters as well.

      While the Aurora does come with a controller, the panels can also be configured using the Nanoleaf Smarter Series app or with your voice through Siri and Apple HomeKit.
      Because the Aurora is tunable white, it can also be used to mimic daylight, meaning it can double as a mood-enhancing light for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or for anyone who could use a bit more natural light in their lives. Nanoleaf says they also plan on releasing a ‘sunrise’ function soon that will allow the Aurora to gradually get brighter each morning as a gentle way to help people wake up.
      Original: nanoleaf, inhabitat