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Alessi, Beautiful Kitchenware Store Design
The design of the Alessi Flagship store in Soho New York creates a new identity for the Alessi brand and increases its global presence with the launch of this first US based store.

Asymptote designed of the store’s interior architecture to reflect the brand's unparalleled reputation for innovation, quality and engagement in everyday life. As the Soho site is deep and relatively narrow Asymptote developed a sequence of spaces that are characterized and delineated by a geometric manipulation of the walls and ceiling that progresses through the length of the space.  Integrated with the faceted geometry of the walls and ceiling, 'bands of light' are spaced at regular intervals throughout the store and function primarily as spatial thresholds between one interior module and the next. 

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Beyond the mandated display of merchandise within the store's interior Asymptote designed a café, a bar as well as a small exhibition area, thereby transforming an otherwise conventional retail program into a multifaceted environment that engages the customer in unique ways. The storefront window itself, both propels the space of the store out into the urban environment while on the interior it extends and merges spatially with the adjoining exhibition area. Here at the store entrance iconic pieces from Alessi's extensive repertoire are exhibited in illuminated molded display modules inserted seamlessly into the walls.  The design of the café is also integrated into the architecture of the store with recessed café seating and an articulated 3D milled counter that is set against a large scale custom designed wall graphic. This wall graphic along with the store's distinctive packaging, signage and other elements were all designed by Asymptote as part of Alessi's new branding strategy. Asymptote also custom designed the store's unique modular display system manufactured by Vitra, that showcases the stores merchandise.

Source: asymptote

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Benefits of LED Lighting for Retail Stores
Creating optimal lighting for a retail store can be the most challenging task that a lighting specialist can face. One type and quality of lighting may be needed to make a store’s entrance inviting, while different lighting will be needed to make products look good. For all retail store purposes, LED lighting systems are the ideal choice.

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LED Lighting for Retail Stores
Modern retailers understand that stores need at least four different lighting configurations:

  • ambient lighting to eliminate any gloomy or shadowy areas in a store;
  • task lighting that gives clerks and customers proper illumination to complete transactions;
  • accent lighting that creates special lighting zones to showcase products or to emphasize product displays;
  • and decorative lighting to add atmosphere and to create the brand image and aura that a retail store seeks to project.

LED lighting is ideal for each of these configurations and for any retail store operations that would benefit from lighting that is the next closest thing to natural lighting.

Traditional incandescent or fluorescent retail lighting fixtures generate illumination in only a limited range of light temperatures and color-rendering indices, making them acceptable for only one or two retail lighting configurations. In contrast, LED lighting systems are flexible and adaptable for all retail store needs. These systems can provide general, overall store lighting ranging from cold and bright to toned down and warm. Different LED fixtures can be installed in areas that need better task lighting, including checkouts, store entrances, and dressing rooms. Accent LED lighting for specific store areas can be tuned across a wide range of colors to give optimum lighting to separate display areas, to bring out features of products that are displayed in nooks or display cases, and to emphasize artwork and decor. Lastly, new LED bulbs have become available for unique decorative lighting that reflects a store’s brand and style.

Benefits of LED Lighting for Retail Stores
Retail store managers that are competing with online stores and ecommerce outlets will appreciate the operating cost savings that LED lights will provide. On average, an LED fixture provides 50,000 hours of useful operations, and in some cases up to 100,000 hours. LED fixtures generate the same quality and level of illumination as traditional fixtures with less than half of the energy input. A retail store will see immediate savings in energy consumption and will realize lower maintenance and repair costs due to the durability and long lifespan of LED light fixtures.

Retail store managers that remain reluctant to adopt a new lighting technology should consider that national and international retail brands are moving rapidly to adopt LED lighting in their stores. For example, Macy’s announced that it is replacing more than 100,000 43-Watt halogen bulbs with 17-Watt LED lamps. The company expects to see no degradation in lighting quality while it realizes a greater than 70% savings in energy consumption. Smaller specialty retailers, including Jimmy Choo and Hugo Boss, are also retrofitting their retail outlets with LED lighting. These major retailers are establishing the trend toward LED lights in retail stores that will likely accelerate as LED lighting systems continue to offer greater flexibility at lower prices.

Source: specgradeled

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Lighting Retail Areas with LEDs
Retail stores have discovered that they can make the retail shopping experience more pleasant, entertaining, and noteworthy by creating an optimum environment for consumers to experience goods before purchasing them. Providing the right lighting conditions are an important part of that environment.  Shoppers who feel relaxed spend the time to read the boxes, browse the shelves, and eventually pick up impulse items.

Lighting in Retail Environments


Lighting in Retail Environments
Designers and architects have long understood that products and surfaces look different under different lighting conditions.  LED retail lighting systems expand a retailer’s toolkit by providing flexible Color Rendering Index (CRI) options that affect how the texture and color of a product will appear to a shopper’s eye. Rather than use lighting that is uniform throughout a store, a retailer can also use different LED lights to create an enticing environment at store entrances to encourage shoppers to enter a store.  Store sections selling clothes or foods might benefit from a lower color temperature light source which produce deeper colors and more natural looking fresher foods.  Sections selling tools, industrial products, and supplies might benefit from brighter whites to provide maximum lighting levels.  Sections selling computer displays or TVs may find that dimming the lighting and reducing glare is especially important.  SpecGrade LED has a fixture that will provide the right LED lighting for your retail application.

If aesthetic considerations alone are not enough to persuade a retailer to utilize LED lighting, the economics of LED lights will convince even the most skeptical store owner. LED luminaires generate the same or better illumination as incandescent or halogen fixtures with up to 60% less energy input. LED lights also last substantially longer than traditional fixtures and reduce maintenance and repair costs. Retailers will quickly recoup LED installation or retrofit costs through savings on utility bills. In most cases, initial costs are fully recovered in less than eighteen months.  Additional savings are realized by reducing the lighting heat load on the store air conditioning system during the summer.

Retailers that appreciate technology improvements in other areas of their facilities will also see benefits in SpecGrade LED’s retail lighting systems. Our luminaires are designed with low-profile casings and patent-pending heat-sink technology that reduces thermal degradation of the systems over time. The modular design of SpecGrade LED’s systems also allows a retailer to make alterations more easily and with a minimum of interference with retail operations.

Source: specgradeled

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    • By LED Linear
      Lighting design:    LED Linear
      Customer:    Raiffeisen Markt Niep
      Location:    Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany
      Product:    XOOLUM 65°, XOOLUM WW
      The Raiffeisen market in Niep is a modern specialist retail, which offers its clients a versatile range of products around the areas garden, equestrian, pet, zoo and food. In 2015, the lighting has been renovated and the entire market has been equipped with efficient linear LED lighting solutions. The change from T8 fluorescent lamps to LED technology provides energy savings of up to 63% (in the ON/OFF operation). Thus, 58,500 kWh can be saved in this market in a year. 
      In the outer aisles of the salesrooms XOOLUM with wall washer optic was used. This precision-crafted aluminum reflector optic provides a homogeneous brightness distribution. The sales areas are illuminated optimally for the customer. 
      The inner aisles and the checkout area are also lit by the XOOLUM. Here the 65 ° reflector optic was used, which is equally well suited for general lighting in the sales area and task lighting in the checkout area. It offers a wide, deep light distribution for accurate, generous area lighting. The sales areas and the counters in the checkout area are optimally illuminated with medium luminance levels. The light is directed so that tasks in the checkout area can be well done. The optics are also completely glare free (UGR>16) and provide a pleasant light for employees and customers in the market. 
      For additional information, please visit www.led-linear.com