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Smart Lighting Solutions

LED Furniture » LED cube
An interactive sound and light sculpture debut

LED Furniture Light » Acrylic Led Furniture - LED Cube - led furniture lights ×  acrylic led furniture × led furniture ×  led furniture cubeLED Furniture Light » Acrylic Led Furniture - LED Cube - led furniture ball ×  led furniture chair × led furniture table ×  led furniture sofaLED Furniture Light » Acrylic Led Furniture - led cube ×  led glow furniture × led cube light ×  illuminated furniture × led illuminated furniture

Sound Sculpture is an interactive public art installation that allows participants to create music compositions through the arrangement of large, durable light-up blocks. Using a precise positioning system, each block is mapped in real-time and lights up in musical sequence as participants position and re-position the blocks, creating collective musical and sculptural designs that will be synchronized with live musicians. 

Source: masarystudios

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