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New WE-EF colour changer with showcasing potential
The range of WE-EF projectors offers products with well-proven lighting technology that provides the right solution for almost every outdoor architectural lighting application. Two new RGBW area projectors with infinitely variable colour mixing have expanded the range of products in the FLC200 series.

LED Flood Light RGB/RGBW » Architectural FloodlightingLED Flood Light RGB/RGBW » Architectural Floodlighting

The demands for the illumination of buildings and facades, monuments and sculptures - some of which are very specific - call for lighting tools that have the potential to showcase them. For example, a uniformly illuminated open space by day can turn into an atmospherically dense room at night; likewise, the accentuation of details can turn a facade into a decorative element.

In addition, outdoor lighting scenarios increasingly make use of the effect of coloured light. With careful planning and use, coloured light can subtly underline the look of architecture and its surroundings at night, dominantly highlight it or even completely change it. With infinitely variable colour mixing, the two new RGBW area floodlights - FLC230-CC LED and FLC240-CC LED - offer interesting creative possibilities. Equipped with a DMX interface they are suited both to temporary, dynamic coloured light applications and to the subtle, continuous use of coloured light.

The smaller colour changer FLC230-CC LED has a diameter of 260 mm with a housing height of 180 mm and connected wattage of 42 W. The larger model, FLC240-CC LED, measures 340 mm with a housing height of 197 mm and a connected wattage of 84 W. The projectors are offered with symmetric narrow beam [E], medium beam [M] and wide beam light distribution. Thanks to an optimised lens optic they are very efficient, as any light scattering within the lens is prevented. At the same time, the light is distributed absolutely uniformly with excellent glare control. Lighting effects can be rendered even more precisely with internal accessories such as linear or flood lenses, and honeycomb louvres.

Source: weef  

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