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TOP 10 of the LED accessories on AliExpress

Links of the objects shown in this video : 

  1. LED Glasses : http://aliexpress.com/e/AMzbyBQ
  2. LED Glasses: http://aliexpress.com/e/vRzV7Q7
  3. Glow sticks : http://aliexpress.com/e/rR3nurz
  4. Green Laser Gloves: http://aliexpress.com/e/n6Uvvzb
  5. LED Braid Hairpin : http://aliexpress.com/e/nE66mMF
  6. LED gloves : http://aliexpress.com/e/neMjmyF
  7. LED Shoelaces : http://aliexpress.com/e/ZfE2NBe
  8. LED Flexible : http://aliexpress.com/e/EImIa2B
  9. LED Glasses : http://aliexpress.com/e/IQnayzB
  10. Happy New Year LED Glasses : http://aliexpress.com/e/F2jEUbI

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