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COB 480LEDs/m LED Strip,CRI90,IP65,12/24V,15W/m 10W/m,Red,Green,Blue,Yellow,Amber,Orange,Plastic Pink,Marrs Green,Tiffany Blue

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Auxmer same specification LED Strip are divided into DC12V and DC24V input voltages. They only have different input voltage. But power, size and working efficiency are the same.

Under normal circumstances: We recommend DC24V Auxmer LED Strip, because DC12V has more obviously voltage drop than DC24V Strip when the driver cable is too long, which may cause the LED Strip input voltage is insufficient, can not fully lighted up to reach the best effects. (LED application experts please ignore this information).

In special applications, DC12V Auxmer LED Strip can be selected:
1. Need cut the Auxmer LED Strip to smaller size, the minimum cut length of DC12V LED Strip is 25/50mm, the minimum cut length of DC24V LED Strip is 50/100mm;
2. Need Auxmer LED Strip for cars, ships and other solutions where only work with DC12V power supply.

Auxmer COB LED Strip
5W/m and 10W/m are 8mm wide PCB
15W/m is 10mm wide PCB


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