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LED Panel Light For Ceiling or Wall - RGBW Smart LED Panels

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RGBW Smart LED Panels Aurora Siri Voice Control
With so much visual stimuli passing by our eyes every day thanks to social media, many people are finding that committing to static pieces of artwork is more difficult than ever. If you're looking for something to spruce up your walls, but feel that a single painting or photo isn't enough to capture your ever-changing moods, the new Nanoleaf Aurora offers an interesting solution. Described as "living paint" by the Toronto-based lighting design company, this modular system of energy-efficient LED panels is fully customizable, and can be controlled by remote, smartphone app, or even your voice.

led light panel installation.jpgled light panel acrylic.jpgled light panels home depot.jpgled light panel dimmable.jpgled light panel backlight.jpgled light panel bathroom.jpgled light panel design.jpgled light panels 01.jpgled light panels ceiling.jpgled light panels for backlighting.jpgled light panels for home.jpgled light panels ceiling  led light panels for home  led light panel rgb  voice control lighting voice control led light  smart led  rgbw smart.jpgled light panels for walls.jpgled panel light for ceiling or wall.jpg

Composed of nine lightweight, triangular LED lights that can be fit together in different configurations, the Nanoleaf Aurora can light up your wall (or any other flat surface in your home) using a palette of over 16 million colors. It can go from a soothing white light in the morning to a blaze of energizing purples, blues and greens during the day to a relaxing warm light in the evening–or pretty much any other type mood lighting you can imagine.

RGBW Smart LED Panels.gifnanoleaf aurora.jpg

The Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter lighting kit was made for DIY installation and includes 9 RGBW Smart LED Panels, 9 Panel Connectors, 9 Mounting Stencils, 28 Mounting Strips, 1 Power Supply Unit, and 1 Controller Unit. Because the panels weigh so little, there’s no need to drill any holes in your walls, making the Aurora ideal for renters as well.

RGBW Smart Lighting, LED Panels.jpgled panels rgb rgbw smart led panels led light panels rgbw smart.jpg

While the Aurora does come with a controller, the panels can also be configured using the Nanoleaf Smarter Series app or with your voice through Siri and Apple HomeKit.

Because the Aurora is tunable white, it can also be used to mimic daylight, meaning it can double as a mood-enhancing light for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or for anyone who could use a bit more natural light in their lives. Nanoleaf says they also plan on releasing a ‘sunrise’ function soon that will allow the Aurora to gradually get brighter each morning as a gentle way to help people wake up.

Original: nanoleafinhabitat

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Magnetic and modular LEDs can cover a wall in light
Helios is a modular touch screen wall light. This design allows the user to effectively swipe where they want or need light, turning the walls into a canvas for illumination using their hand as the brush. The combination of modularity and the lighting controls equals a product that can be completely tailored by the user. This product provides the opportunity for a lighting solution that is specific to each and every environment.

A finger touch turns the panels on and off

This product consists of multiple plastic hexagons that can be connected together via magnets and interlocking patterns to form a touch screen wall light. The magnets that form the physical connection between components also allow the electricity to pass through from one piece to another.

Prototype on display and winning prizes

With the power running through the product, each individual component is turned on and off via a capacitive touch sensor incorporated into each piece. The underlying idea for the product is to give the user the ability to turn the interior architecture of a space into the light source. It gives potential for the user to just swipe the surface of the wall and it will illuminate the path of their touch. Turning the interior architecture into a canvas for illumination with the users hand as the brush.

Create any shape and turn on individual panels as you swipe your hand across. Each 6.3 W unit is said to produce 400 lm, which is about the same brightness as a 40 W incandescent bulb or a 6 W LED bulb. Each module added, therefore, will be like lighting a room with an additional bulb and up to 105 modules can be joined together in one circuit. A display can be bigger than 105 modules, but they must be on different circuits.

More information is available here.

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