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Crows are Chased and the Chasing Crows are Destined to be Chased as well, Transcending Space
This is an interactive digital installation in which viewers can walk around freely in a space that completely surrounds them with projections on all sides.

3D Mapping Projection - Best Video Animation » Indoor, Architecture, Advertising3D Mapping Projection - Best Video Animation » Indoor, Architecture, Advertising

Crows are rendered in light as they fly around the space, leaving trails of light in their paths and creating spatial calligraphy. The crows chase one another and in turn become chased themselves. When the chased crows crash into one another, they scatter, turning into flowers. The crows attempt to fly around people in the space, but when they crash into a viewer, they scatter, turning into flowers in the same way.

When you stand near a certain designated space within the artwork the boundary between the wall and the floor disappears, the real space dissolves, eventually we become immersed in the artwork world and the lines drawn by the trails of the crows appears to be drawn in three dimensions in the space.

The installation is rendered in real time by a computer program, it is neither a prerecorded animation nor on loop.The installation as a whole is in constant change, previous states will never be repeated and can never be seen again.

Source: teamlab

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Façade Festival 2017
For seven nights from September 4-10, the third edition of Façade Festival, an annual public art initiative and projection mapping festival in Vancouver, featured the work of ten artists, witnessed by over 35,000 attendees. Go2 Productions was the technical provider, who tested all the artwork on their in-house 8' 3D model of the iconic Vancouver Art Gallery. They also contributed the festival's finale, titled "Contradistinction." Using eight double-stacked 20k Barco projectors, Go2 created kaleidoscopic movements via contrasting 2D and 3D graphics, precisely-mapped manipulations, and depth illusions. Watch "Contradistinction" in the video above.

Burrard Arts Foundation is proud to present FAÇADE FESTIVAL 2017 in partnership with the Vancouver Art Gallery.

3D Mapping Projection - Best Video Animation » Indoor, Architecture, Advertising 033D Mapping Projection - Best Video Animation » Indoor, Architecture, Advertising 023D Mapping Projection - Best Video Animation » Indoor, Architecture, Advertising 01

FAÇADE FESTIVAL 2017 is a visually stunning week-long public art project and cultural event kicking off the fall season. From September 4th to September 10th, 2017, ten contemporary Canadian artists will spectacularly transform the Georgia Street façade of the Vancouver Art Gallery.                                                                    

FAÇADE FESTIVAL 2017 is the third edition of this exciting annual public art extravaganza, joining the ranks of such internationally renowned arts festivals as VIVID in Sydney and NuitBlanche in Toronto. Each year, the Burrard Arts Foundation commissions new artworks by a wide range of talented artists from British Columbia. Boldly combining new and traditional media in conjunction with the cutting-edge digital technology known as projection mapping, local artists create ephemeral artworks that vividly respond to Vancouver’s vibrant city center and urban landscape through a plethora of styles and approaches.

FAÇADE FESTIVAL 2017 presents ten strikingly innovative site-specific artworks to be projected directly onto the Georgia Street façade of the Vancouver Art Gallery’s iconic architecture. With its biggest lineup yet, FAÇADE FESTIVAL 2017, showcases artists Diyan Achjadi, Fiona Ackerman, Scott Billings, Annie Briard, Shawn Hunt, James Nizam, Luke Ramsey, Evann Siebens, Ben Skinner, and Paul Wong.

More info at facadefest

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The installation was inspired by the album Konstellaatio by the late Finnish musician Mika Vainio. Vainio’s sounds have inspired digital artists like László Bordos all over the world. Bordos and the organizers of the Lux Helsinki festival are dedicating this art project to the memory of Mika Vainio.
Using dozens of controllable lights and stroboscopes, the artist created a light sculpture using a combination of real lights and virtual lights (projection).

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This is an installation of Vanke Urban Village Reform Project in ShenZhen, which is a tree sculpture with interactive mapping, dual material (roap&cable) and surround sound.


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