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USB 5V Romance Eiffel Tower Dream Colorful Night Light 9.8inch Mini Night Light Desk Table Lamp

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  1. Built In Control Effect. A mini controller is installed in the Eiffel Tower. When the Tower's USB is plugged in power supply, the Tower will automatically light up and automatically display a variety of lighting effects without any manual setup. 
  2. 5V Working Voltage. The working voltage of the Tower is DC5V. You can use the computer's USB to power the Tower. You can also use the other 5V power supply such as mobile power bank, phone charger, etc. so that the Tower can be used in many occasions. 
  3. Multiple Tower Working Together.  Whether you use Tower inside mini controller or use music controller, you can connect multiple Towers together to show the same lighting effects. When you connect Towers more than 4 pcs, please use additional 5v power support to the last Towers 
  4. Dream Color LED SMD.   The Tower led model is SK6812 RGB, and each smd led has a independent IC, Each led can display different colors. The Tower can fully display 154 lighting effects in the music controller. 
  5. Widely used. Used in bedroom, home, bars, cafes, restaurants, wedding, party and other romantic places, adding much more joy for your life.


Aliexpress Links : http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/FKiGacN2

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