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Found 6 results

  1. “Visual images” lined with iLight Plexineon White fixtures add excitement in the main floor elevator lobby, as well outside the elevators on each floor. Plexineon is installed in the wall and ceiling to create a 3D effect. Blending Art with Science Plexineon Invites Discovery Inside Space for Laboratories Located in the shadow of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Sidney Research Campus is a study in new thinking. The three-building, 340,000-square-foot campus was formerly a dated-looking home to one large life sciences tenant. But a recent metamorphosis has transformed it into modern office and laboratory space for a variety of smaller biotech companies. To support the tenants’ breakthrough work, the firm Arrowstreet designed the common areas inside and out to be sleek and sophisticated. In one building, that includes using “visual images” lined with iLight Plexineon White fixtures. Installed so they are offset against the ceilings, the fixtures create a 3D effect in the main floor elevator lobby, as well outside the elevators on each of the building’s four floors. “A big issue was how to make these long, L-shaped corner spaces fun and exciting.” – D. Schweppe, Principal, Schweppe Lighting Design, Inc. The Design Challenge “A big issue was how to make these long, L-shaped corner spaces fun and exciting,” says D. Schweppe, principal of Schweppe Lighting Design, Inc., which collaborated with Arrowstreet. “We talked about creating light slots, an idea the designer originally had conceived. They had imagined 2-inch slots. If we used Plexineon, we could get a much narrower profile, down to under 1 inch. We explained that the narrower width would provide more of a highlight than just a light fixture — a better fit with their concept of keeping things clean and elegant.” The challenge was incorporating the fixtures into existing wood paneling. “There was a lot of coordination between iLight, the manufacturer’s representative, the general contractor, and the electrical contractor,” Schweppe says. “We needed to be sure everything was installed in the correct order: the ceiling support system, then the Plexineon fixtures, then the ceiling.” “We built a mock up that further revealed ways to get the effect we wanted — where to place the drivers and how the fixtures would sit in relation to the panels. “We really wanted them to align or sit back, so there wouldn’t be flash off to the side — so we would actually have a line of light, not a blob.” The Plexineon Advantage While lines of light were the goal, reflection was considered a plus because it would help create more dimension, Schweppe says. And the quality of the light is just as he expected, after using Plexineon successfully on several other projects. iLight’s service was just as important this time around. Schweppe says, “iLight was very helpful in offering advice and coordinating how we would work within the support system – how to fit things into the channel to ensure the precision needed for the lines of fixtures to be consistent. They also provided the proper hardware to keep the depth consistent. That was a big advantage, and everyone is very pleased with the final result.” It was a challenge to make the long, L-shaped corner spaces fun and exciting, while also incorporating the fixtures into existing wood paneling. Plexineon’s narrow profile was consistent with the design concept to keep things clean and elegant. More information is available at www.ilight-tech.com
  2. Creating a Statement Piece in a Branded Space Ad firm’s creativity is conveyed through curves of Plexineon Teads is a global video advertising-technology company that is growing quickly. The company’s new offices in New York City needed to reflect its dynamic team and culture. The vision for the space included a mix of materials, from the sleek to the organic. While the overall design is minimalist, a main hallway provided an opportunity to have some fun and make a bold statement. The result is a stunning custom lighting installation created with iLight Plexineon White 1X 3500 LED fixtures. “Only Plexineon lent itself to this kind of application. It provided a lot of flexibility, literally, with the shapes we wanted to get out of the fixture.” – Gerard Toledo, Interior Designer, DMDesign LLC The Design Challenge “We had a vision of a strong statement to stamp onto the Teads brand,” says Gerard Toledo, Interior Designer at DMDesign LLC, which designed the space. “Being a leading innovative company in the advertising industry, they needed a physical embodiment of what their company is about: innovation, elegance, and moving forward. We developed the imagery and mood that we expected out of a statement piece.” The idea for that piece evolved into a fixture that would bend and be installed on a suspended mount system along the ceiling so that it appeared to “flow gracefully down the hall like the swipe of a pen or pencil.” It would be unlike anything DMDesign had ever done before, so finding the right product was a must. “We did a lot of research and contacted many companies and people,” Toledo says. “We needed a seamless, thin profile that gave the illusion of floating light. Only Plexineon lent itself to this kind of application. It provided a lot of flexibility, literally, with the shapes we wanted to get out of the fixture.” Beyond the product, the design team also relied on iLight to advise them on how to make their vision reality, especially because installation would present challenges. “With such a free flowing form, finding just the right suspension points and working with existing site conditions — including air ducts — was key,” Toledo says. “Fortunately iLight was experienced in getting the very specific look we were aiming for. We sent them a shop drawing, and they sent us samples, helping us through the design process by explaining our limitations and opportunities. iLight even met with us on site to make clear exactly how installation would work.” The Plexineon Advantage Indeed, installation was smooth, and the final result is better than anyone had imagined. The one-of-a-kind fixture embodies the creativity that Teads is known for. Best of all, using Plexineon for the first time sparked the design team’s imagination. Delphine Mauroit, Principal of DMDesign, says, “It was a huge help and a great learning experience for all of us. It will be interesting to see how else we can further explore lighting possibilities with this material.” More information is available at ilight-tech
  3. The height of sophisticated linear lighting—TruGroove LED luminaires are now available in suspended, surface and wall mount versions, complementing our high performance recessed line-of-light and extending sustainable elegance throughout any space. Whether you seek direct or indirect light, or a combination of the two, TruGroove LED offers unparalleled light distribution for the utmost flexibility and visual comfort. Today’s lighting goes beyond illumination The custom-designed elliptical lens and MesoOptics DX technology creates never-before-seen, wide-throw batwing distributions, in both the upper and lower hemispheres. TruGroove LED is engineered to deliver unparalleled light uniformity and industry-leading efficacies in a narrow aperture luminaire. The result is ultra-wide row spacing, fewer luminaires to purchase, and lower operating costs and energy consumption.Independent verification is provided by Lighting Facts and all symmetric versions of TruGroove LED are Design Lights Consortium qualified. Now available in suspended, surface & wall mount versions, as well as the popular recessed… TruGroove LED offers a sophisticated palette of direct, indirect and combination distributions, allowing you seamless integration into any layout. Suspended lines of light with 90 degree corners allow designers to create conversation areas, or find clever lighting solutions for multi-use spaces. Choose TruGroove LED surface mounted fixtures when you need simplicity and uniformity in a space with low height ceilings. TruGroove LED offers a variety of options whether you desire smooth, balanced light, washing down a wall, or soft ambient ceiling illumination... or both. Indirect- only choices still deliver great energy-saving performance while providing soft, ambient lighting without glare. TruGroove LED comes in standard finishes of white, titanium and black, with custom colors also available. The combination of versatile aesthetics & flexible distributions make TruGroove LED an ideal solution for projects where cost and energy efficiency are paramount. A single, continuous indirect/direct Suspended luminaire delivers plenty of task lighting across a boardroom table while retaining visual comfort and avoiding hot spots.TruGroove LED works hard to ensure energy is not wasted during peak hours, with integrated occupany sensing and daylight harvesting. Response Daylight sensors and Actilume Occupancy sensors are factory pre-calibrated and ready to use right out of the box -- just plug in the fixture. No power packs or low voltage wiring schemes required. Create distinctive spaces with TruGroove LED – All encompassing, no compromises. To find out more about this product, visit...http://www.philips.com/trugroove
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