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Found 6 results


    BTF-LIGHTING: Led Strip Light FCOB 360

    Here is BTF-LIGHTING, if you like this video, please click the like,forward and make a comment.? ▶️ Product ?http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_d8ln3Eu
  2. Robert Lights ✌

    Alexa Controlled LED Light Installation

    Designed by Brian Harms of NSTRMNT, Lightwell is a custom-built 4'x8' light installation for a triple-height living room, made voice-responsive by using the Arduino Alexa skill. The structure comprises 80/20 extrusions and fasteners, with LED strips embedded in the channels of the structure. 74 sheets of laser-cut cardstock make up the undulating light-diffusing wave pattern. 30 LEDs per meter strips were used to give each gap in the cardstock 2 LEDs per structural metal beam, for a total of 6 LEDs per gap. The LEDs are individually addressable and are powered by an Arduino MKR1000 (using a logic level shifter) in conjunction with Arduino Create / IoT Cloud. The design was made in Rhino 7 WIP and Grasshopper.
  3. This video is for entertainment purposes only and is in no way intended as a guide or 'how to'.
  4. 【HEALTHY AND ENVIRONMENTAL 】PROTECTION: COB LED Strip has COB luminous surface, the light is even and soft with good effect.Comfortable and soft, harmless for skin and eyes. 【Low light decay】Light decay rate is less than 3% after 1000 hours and less than 30% after 35000 hours. 【Safely to Use】Highly color-rendering index and lighting effect, no ultraviolet and infrared rays, no contain mercury, lead and other heavy metals, environment friendly. 【Easy to Install】The strip lights come with self-adhesive back tape tape suitable for any clean, dry and flat surface. Strong adhesion. 【Energy efficient】Different from changing color light strip, this LED strip lights of single color series is more energy efficient . It is dimmable and durable with more than 25000 hours lifespan. Please note that the dimmer is not included. 【Widely Application】Suitable for interior decoration. Such as kitchen, cabinet, bedroom, stair, mirror, corridor, DIY backlight, table lamp, toy light, DIY lighting, special use and other lighting. Specification: Input Voltage: DC12V /24V Wattage: 14W FPCB width: 10mm LED quantity: 378/420/504 LEDs/M Waterproof level: IP20 Non-waterproof Color temperature: nature white(4000K), warm white(3000K), cool white(6000K),Red,Green,Blue,Yellow. Color Rendering Index: >80 Operation temperature: -20℃-+45℃ Storage temperature: -20℃-+60℃ View angle: 180° Note: 1.The minimum bending diameter of the LED strip is 60 mm. This avoids direct or indirect damage to the components on the FPC and FPC, resulting in an abnormality in the led strip. 2. Double-sided tape for LED strips, with its superior glue and weatherability, can be attached to any transparent glass, metal and plastic surface, but some surfaces, such as cloth and wood, can affect their function and durability. Please test the adhesion of the light bar before installation. 3.This product requires an anti-corrosion environment. For example, avoid moisture, dripping or other adverse factors. 4. If the led strip is connected more than 5 meters,There may be a voltage drop, which causes the brightness of the light to be inconsistent. Please adding the voltage every 5 meters. Aliexpress Links: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/N35ttqKk
  5. Jemena is an Australian infrastructure company that builds, owns and maintains a combination of major electricity, gas and water assets. The 15,000sqm project was delivered in 30 weeks and included the fitout of seven floors of internal connecting stairs, balcony landscaping, premium executive occupied floors including a commercial kitchen and dining room. Other key features of the project include a boardroom that can accommodate 24 people and 17 interpreters, meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, a roof top backup generator, fuel tank and pump room, main server room with sub server rooms on every floor and over 900 workstations. The project was executed in conjunction with Woods Bagot, NDY, Montlaur, Cinni Little, MBM, Philip Chun and WSP. Project Features Seven floors of internal connecting stairs Balcony landscaping Premium executive occupied floors Commercial kitchen Dining room Boardroom that can accommodate 24 people and 17 interpreters 900 workstations Specific details of the installation included: 1,000m of LED Strip and extrusion 30 new switchboards 120,000m of cat6 cabling 21 x 47RU Communications Racks 4,468 x Cat6 Outlets 99 x 48port patch panels 2,352 System ties Source: fdcbuilding.com.au
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