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Found 88 results

  1. Jeffry Lamin

    Contemporary Suspens

    Contemporary Suspension Lamps for Your Home Design | www.contemporaryl... | #midcentury #contemporarylighting #lightingdesign View the full article
  2. Ikuyo

    This contemporary re

    This contemporary residence designed by Jessica Liew in 2012 is located in inner city Melbourne, Australia. View the full article
  3. Ikuyo

    Contemporary chandel

    Contemporary chandelier created by grouping several pendants of different sizes. Great effect. #Lighting: View the full article
  4. Jdmcarchitecture

    Designer Furniture |

    Designer Furniture | Contemporary Furniture | Enoki Cumulus -Pendant Light Soft Grey/Yellow | Inadesignerhome View the full article
  5. Jeffry Lamin

    Equatore is a contem

    Equatore is a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic lamp with a glass shade. While the traditional abat-jour uses the shade to contain the light source... View the full article
  6. iD Lights & Lamps

    This cage light pull

    This cage light pulley chandelier compliments contemporary, industrial, and farmhouse designs. Perfect for this contemporary loft bathroom. #pulleylight #industriallighting #contemporaybathrooms View the full article
  7. Maurizio Arata

    Contemporary lamps t

    Contemporary lamps that give a whole new meaning to lighting design. | My Design Agenda Full information...
  8. Archiproducts

    Contemporary style s

    Contemporary style stainless steel table lamp ELLIPSE INOX N°2 by Thierry Vidé design View the full article
  9. iD Lights & Lamps

    Designer Chandelier

    Designer Chandelier Australia Pty Ltd - Contemporary Wave LED Chandelier - W:80cm H:260cm , $2,499.00 (http://www.designerchandelier.com.au/contemporary-wave-led-chandelier-w-80cm-h-260cm/)v TT View the full article
  10. Carmen Contreras

    Contemporary Recesse

    Contemporary Recessed Lighting In Wall Recessed Lighting View the full article
  11. Stef Harris

    MEET THE LIGHT: HOW GOLD FITS INTO EVERY HOME | contemporarylight... | contemporary lighting contemporary home decor contemporary style View the full article
  12. Samuel Khalil

    Black means excellen

    Black means excellence. luxury, entertainment. With black lighting designs taking over the world of interior design, we couldn’t help but cover this peculiar and mysterious trend when it comes to contemporary lighting fixtures. Come with us and ger enchanted by this spectacular trend… View the full article
  13. Bernard Katz Glass

    Contemporary, classi

    Contemporary, classic and rustic harmony..... OMG how amazing it would be to have lights like this over a kitchen island View the full article
  14. Moonchild

    Tradition in a new,

    Tradition in a new, contemporary light, Hering Berlin welcomes the “Ray Dance” Chandelier to its luxury collectionvolumes of glass – olive, globe and lampion – smoky-grey and/or transparent – offer enchanting lighting refractions and reflections. The Ray Dance chandelier uses a unique interplay of light and crystal form to transform the room around it. View the full article
  15. Wayne Wu

    soudasouda: “There i

    soudasouda: “There is strength in numbers. via- gorgeous, lighting, design Posted to Souda’s Tumblr From the Pinterest Board: Pendant Lights, Modern Hanging Lamps, & Contemporary Suspended Lighting ” View the full article
  16. Archiproducts

    Contemporary style p

    Contemporary style pendant lamp LA BELLE by Prandina View the full article
  17. Blanche Lam

    Heute Craftsmanship:

    Heute Craftsmanship: Contemporary Lighting & Furniture by Garnier & Linker | www.yellowtrace.c... View the full article
  18. Amber Sugar Pixie Bakery

    Beautiful Contempora

    Beautiful Contemporary Hygge Christmas Decorations (6) View the full article
  19. Bendable LED Profiles Lumipro profiles allow designers to bend, twist, and curve the streaks of lights for re-shaping the profiles to create amazing lighting designs. The flexibility of bendable aluminum profiles allows for varied designs such as circular, semi-circular, hexagonal, octagonal, triangular, rectangular, and star-shaped and many more unimaginable fascinating shapes of lights. The mix and match of bandwagons of lights provide you the flexibility to craft your own style statement. Each pattern is so vivid and rare, eye-catchy and a piece of mesmerizing art that stands out from clutter for a noticeable effect. And with combination designs, it definitely enables to make your space elegant and energy-efficient. The lights emitted from the resistant LED profiles blends harmoniously into the walls or ceiling structures. Deepen your perception of space and transform interiors with the seduction of light. With formation of unique shapes and silhouettes, it gives new life to architecture. Light pours from the profiles and falls on surfaces like a waterfall, making the surrounding environment soft and all-enveloping. The semi-recessed version enhances the magic of this fixture by hiding the source of light. Enjoy the amazing mix/match jigsaw with LED profiles. You can customize almost infinite lighting patterns as wild as your imagination permits or limits! Unique and contemporary in design, the slim linear luminaires seamlessly integrate into interior design to enhance architecture. With a floating weightless appearance, their strong visual appeal is aptly suited for commercial offices, stylish villas, supermarkets, department stores, museums, theatres, educational institutes, recreational areas, metro/bus stations and various public places. More information: lumibright
  20. Jeffry Lamin

    Milan Furniture Fair

    Milan Furniture Fair 2015: contemporary lighting trends to remember | Milan Design Agenda View the full article
  21. Jeffry Lamin

    Contemporary, metro

    Contemporary, metro chic "Bubble" Lighting | Salone del Mobile / Milano 2014 View the full article
  22. Samuel Khalil

    Saint Mossi Exclusiv

    Saint Mossi Exclusive Design Modern Square Led Chandelier Adjustable Hanging Light Tania Trio Collection Contemporary Ceiling Pendant Light H47" X L32" x W32" View the full article
  23. 君 落羽

    JAYA – Contemporary

    JAYA – Contemporary Design with Pedigree | View the full article
  24. LED lights are absolutely important these days for households and commercial places. A place like stadium or auditorium needs proper lighting arrangements. If there is no proper lighting, you shall find that a lot of problems would occur in conducting sporting events or conferences or cultural programs on the stadium. Moreover, in this era of modernization, every stadium needs to be renovated so that they give more safety as well as comfort to the spectators. This will help increasing revenue collection of the stadium. This is why you need 400w LED flood light for the stadium. The advantage of using LED lights shall be discussed in the following section of this article. 1. Environment Friendly Lighting Solution LED lights give environment friendliness, as it consumes lesser power or electricity. Basically, the mechanism of illumination of LED lights is completely different from the mechanism of traditional lighting systems. Florescent lights get heated up after certain time and they start consuming more and more power. Nevertheless, they release heat which can cause damages to the environment, contributing significant amount of heat to the global warming. To protect environment, it is better to adopt LED lights in place of the traditional lights. LED lights work more seamlessly and they prevent wastage of energy. 2. High End Efficiency and Durability Since LED lights do not get heated up, some people think that they would not offer the best illumination. In reality, you shall get perfect illuminating effects from LED lights. These lights are made to serve users for a long time. Durability is a factor that makes LED lights so popular these days. Once installed, the LED lights can serve you for at least 20 years without any significant maintenance cost. On the other hand, orthodox fluorescent lights last around 5-10 years maximum. 3. Colorful Lighting Solutions Arranging colorful LED lighting solution is quite a cost-effective thing. Stadiums often need to hold inaugural ceremonies for various sporting events or tournaments. For this purpose, colorful lighting will be required. That can be attained with the stylish as well as contemporary colorful LED lights. For colorful lighting, no additional cost is required. This is one of the biggest advantages of LED lighting. 4. Heavy-duty Illumination With LED lighting solutions, you shall get heavy-duty illuminating solutions. You can opt for 1000 Watt LED light which shall give excellent lighting solution for the stadium without any hassles. Lights would not get warm even after being illuminated for long time. One can easily keep LED lights illuminated for 10 hours to 12 hours for the purpose of stadium flood lighting. 5. Amazing Cost-effectiveness The best thing about LED lights is that they are highly cost-effective. You can save your money by opting for LED lighting solutions. Stadiums need heavy duty lighting solutions and thus the stadium authority has to pay high electricity consumption bills. With LED lights, initial investment would be high, but cost-effective on the long run can be attained. It will lower down power consumption and thus would make your monthly bills reasonable. LED lights would also last long without any maintenance requirements.