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Found 3 results

  1. First Night First Day Boston is a recurring event that counts down to the New Year. To wrap up 2016 and make way for 2017, SGM’s G-Spots and G-1 Beams were chosen to illuminate the spectacle. They lit up the night while adding to the excitement of downtown Boston. The event took place in Copley Square featuring live performances, ice sculptures and fireworks. We spoke with Kyle Stetson of Port Lighting Systems who was the lighting designer for this event. He explained what role, the G-Spot has played for the company: “Port Lighting Systems was one of the first production companies in the Northeast to purchase an inventory of the G-Spot fixtures. It is a workhorse fixture for many of the outdoor events we are involved in.” It was important to him to find a fixture that would give him the look he wanted, but could also stand up to the wintery conditions found in New England. We asked him what was important to him to make this event a success: “When designing the show, we needed fixtures that could not only stand up to the New England winter weather (they saw rain, wind and snow for this event), but also compete in lumen output to other larger fixtures that were protected in scaffolding towers around the square.” The G-Spots were the sole light source for lighting the Trinity Church, backdrop and main performance center. He explained that space was a concern when setting up for this event. In order for the audience to have the best view possible, Kyle needed to find a way to integrate lighting without obstructing viewing areas: “The client wanted Trinity Church lit in pattern and color, with the ability to change throughout the night. An additional scaffolding structure was not possible as our only available fixture locations (next to Front of House) would block the view of the main stage from the rest of the Square. The G-Spots were a great choice for this location because we were able to keep them out in the elements on two small risers, allowing the building to be lit and the audience to see the main stage.” The G-1 Beams lined the rooftop of a hotel in the vicinity overlooking the green. Also exposed to the elements, Kyle needed fixtures that he could rely on. With SGM’s IP65- and IP66-ratings, these hassle-free fixtures require no weatherproof domes and almost no maintenance. Kyle elaborated: “The client also wanted beam effects in the air on the roof of the Fairmont Copley Plaza, a prominent feature of Copley Square. Waterproof domes were used for a number of beam fixtures in this location, but the budget did not allow domes for all fixtures, and a scaffolding structure was not an option due to the location and load in logistics. The G-1 Beams, supplied by Main Light Industries, were a perfect solution for this problem. They allowed us to line the edge of the roof with beam fixtures and kept the budget intact by eliminating the need for waterproof domes.” Kyle summarized on his experience working with the G-Spots for this installation: “We chose the SGM fixtures for both of these locations for their LED source, amazingly bright output and outdoor rating. My technicians appreciated having these fixtures on site because they did not have the standard issues of fixtures in a damp environment or lamp striking in the cold.” Applied products: G-1 Beam G-Spot Original: sgmlight
  2. On January 6, the Danish popular radio P6 BEAT held its annual music event P6 BEAT Rocker Koncerthuset. For the fifth year in a row, the show hosted a variety of different established and upcoming artists from home and abroad. The overall lighting concept was based on the creation of a festival feeling inside DR Koncerthuset, which is a concert hall designed for classical music. For this concert, four stages were set up inside the 360° venue. Every stage performance had its own unique expression. The show was an ongoing concert, where each band played three to four songs, until the hosts led the audience's attention to a new stage with the artist next in line. Lighting designer/operator, Sune Verdier, elaborated: "Because of the fact that the mounting opportunities were very limited, we had a general festival-like lighting rig with an even distribution of wash og spot moving heads. On the floor we had 20 pcs. of SGM P-5 wash lights as a border around the stages. To create this border and a backdrop for the audience and the tv camera, we used the P-5s to light the artists up close. The rectangular shape of the fixture gave a geometrical finish to the edge of the stage, which provided a sharp look for the otherwise small stages." For the installation, Sune Verdier needed both a good wash and strobe light that could also function as a backdrop for the artist. He found all these features combined in the P-5. He highlighted the high power level and strong saturated colors as the main advantages of the compact LED wash light. Furthermore, he added: "Whenever I can, I tend to use the P-5 as it’s a very good static wash light, which is also very versatile due to its outdoor capability being IP65-rated." Supplier: Litecom A/S Lighting Designers: Sune Verdier/Jacob Møller Operator: Sune Verdier Project Manager: Jacob Møller Applied products: P-5 Original: sgmlight
  3. LED lighting in Qatar by Francesconi Architectural Light Francesconi Architectural Light illumina Marina Landscape, le vie che accompagnano i visitatori al rinomato Nobu Restaurant, situato all’interno del lussuoso Four Seasons Hotel di Doha in Qatar: un capolavoro architettonico a tre livelli affacciato scenograficamente sul Golfo Persico raggiungibile da un’arteria di grande viabilità che necessitava di un’illuminazione sicura, performante e di qualità. Per il prestigioso progetto di illuminazione urbana sono stati scelti gli incassi a terra EGO e MAXIEGO, apparecchi illuminotecnici per esterni con grado di resistenza IP67 e agli urti IK10. Interamente realizzati con il migliore Acciaio Inox 316L, questi prodotti sono garanzia di ottime prestazioni in ambienti ad elevata umidità e salinità tipiche delle zone costiere del Golfo Persico. Diffusore in vetro temprato, viti di chiusura in acciaio inox A4, guarnizione in silicone e controcassa in policarbonato V1 (850°) completano il quadro di una gamma di incassi a sorgenti LED dalle altissime prestazioni. Francesconi Architectural Light, che ha sede a Roncadelle in provincia di Brescia, da oltre 60 anni opera nell’ambito dell’illuminotecnica: dalla produzione di apparecchi per esterni altamente performanti alla consulenza progettuale di elevata specializzazione, l’azienda sviluppa la propria attività su una superficie di 6500 mq, di cui 2500 mq coperti. Coniugando elevata resistenza e confort visivo, know-how tecnico e qualità formale e funzionale, il team Francesconi ha donato un effetto particolarmente scenografico alle strade di questa grande città dal forte carattere cosmopolita, segnando i percorsi, esaltando i dettagli e guidando gli ospiti verso il più grande e noto ristorante del Qatar. Fonte: officebit
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